Impact Of Covid On Our Physical And Mental Health

Have you ever wondered what impact Covid has on our physical and mental health?


These are challenging times when everyone is battling only to survive to achieve their desired goals for the sake of their own passion and their loved ones, working tirelessly to attain their life objectives and refusing to give up on them.  Survival has always been hard but getting to a point where it has gotten more difficult to combat for our lives with Covid is a real struggle. 

You've turned into a robot and forgotten that you were brought here to be loved and to spread love to yourself and others.

Keeping yourself healthy and fit is a necessity, a requirement for you, and your body, which is giving you everything so that you can walk along the path of life without obstacles.

You are important, and you can surely take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, allow yourself time to experience the essence of life when you wake up, and follow a healthy routine. You are important and you can surely take a pause in the rush of every day, give yourself time and feel the blessing of life when you wake up, follow a healthy routine. 

A healthy routine definitely increases the demand for endorphin, adrenaline, endocannabinoid dopamine and serotonin, the powerful pleasure chemicals that are released in our brain and sent to our body to feel happiness, confidence, and capability that we have been looking for so long, and this can be simply attained by the key ingredient, that is EXERCISING.

Yes, exercise is undoubtedly the best of all because all studies have shown that you can alter your monotonous lifestyle and feel happy and fulfilled with your life and yourself by just exercising.

Moreover, the benefits that exercise has on us are sure to emphasize as it is the key to keeping our body and mind healthy. The health of the body and mind is equally important, and we tend to forget this very fact. Staying at home also has an adverse effect on our mood variation because when our brain isn’t able to produce the required chemicals, how is it supposed to function accordingly and try to keep us happy?

We understand that taking time off for this is difficult. The activities that include sitting and working cause us to forget about our health and the importance of physical activity. Covid has made us lazy when it comes to doing any physical activity since we now avoid leaving our houses and consider things to be done at home, which has an immense impact on our physical health and has made us lazy.

So, take 10 minutes out of your rest 3600 minutes, get up, and make these minutes worth the time of your day to make your other 3590 minutes better for you. 

Need some motivation to exercise?


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